Semuliki National Park, one of the richest national parks in Uganda, lies in the Bundibugyo district. It borders the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, with Lake Albert to the north and the Rwenzori Mountains to the southeast.

The park is known for its diverse animal species and amazing flora, offering tourists unforgettable experiences and various activities during their stay.

Some tourist sites in Semuliki National Park include:

Sempaya hot spring

Sempaya hot spring is one of the top tourist sites in Semuliki national park. With its two hot spring with water boiling at 130 degrees. A temperature that can boil eggs in some minutes; nine to ten minutes exactly.

They are two hot spring located in Sempaya hot spring:

Male spring called “Bitende” and

Female spring knows also as “Nyasimbi” which mean “female ancestors”.

In this area they are also butterfly species that are among the few attractive insect on earth it is amazing to organize a butterfly tour and look at their difference in color.

Semuliki river

Semuliki river is one of suppliers of the river Nile and it is rich in fauna with animals such as crocodiles, hippos and hundreds of birds.  

It is a great place for forest and natural walk with more than a few trails called “Red monkey trail”. Tourist usually walk using trails at the river boarders watching birds.

Toro Semuliki game reserve

Toro Semuliki game reserve is an attraction site with grass land and river forest where animals such as forest elephants, warthog leopard and even pygmy hippopotami. A good place for game drive that is done in the morning afternoon and night. Tourists that are curious to visit the nocturnal species are the one that usually go for game drive at night in this area.

Chimpanzee trekking is also done in Toro Semuliki game reserve; though finding this primate in their habitations is not easy but after locating them it is a memorable experience.

Batwa community

Batwa community are indigenous community and one of the attraction in Semuliki national park. They were living in Semuliki national park before being expelled by the government. Now they are living in Boma cultural village. Near the Semuliki national park.

And it is from their village Boma, where they demonstrate their culture through music dance and drama; they earn their own money by doing this.

Semuliki valley

Semuliki valley comprise the forest which is refuge to a lot of animal species varied natural marvels that are linked to the central to the east Africa.

To this sites let us add some special attraction found in Semuliki national park:


Butterflies are among the most attractive insects on earth, making Semuliki National Park a must-visit. The park boasts a wide variety of butterflies, many of which remain unexplored by tourists. This diversity, including butterflies with green, yellow, red, and darker colors, makes Semuliki National Park unique. Some tour companies even organize butterfly safaris for tourists interested in these beautiful insects.

Semuliki National Park also serves as a refuge for several bird species, making it an excellent destination for bird watching.

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