Kidepo Valley National Park, one of the major tourist attractions, hosts the largest percentage of wildlife in Uganda. The Karamojong people mostly occupy this area. The park boasts a variety of bird species such as ostriches, pygmy falcons, silver birds, francolins, and crimson-rumped waxbills, along with a wide range of animals including giraffes, buffalos, leopards, black-backed jackals, and lions. Look forward to seeing all these beautiful animals on your safari in Kidepo Valley National Park. Visit Kidepo National Park for an exceptional wildlife safari experience!

Bird watching

Bird watching in Kidepo Valley National park can be done with the help of an experienced park guide who has knowledge about various types of bird species.It has a variety of bird species in a range of 475 bird species in Kidepo Valley national park. This is a paradise for bird watchers, it has the largest number of birds in Kidepo valley national park which include the following little green bee eater, Egyptian vulture, purple grenadier black breasted barbet.

One of the commonest birds in Kidepo Valley are the ostriches. These are flightless birds and the fastest birds in terms of movement. They extra ordinary features that make them outstanding such as the long legs and long neck making them taller that all the other birds.

Game drives.

These games drives can be conducted in the morning evening and night time in a safari vehicle, they are carried out in the Kidepo Valley and Narus valley and this is done with the help of a professional guide who is well conversant with the area and knows about the animals in Kidepo valley National park.

Morning drives

This drive is done early morning like at 6:00 am when some of the animals are most active for example giraffes, Uganda kobs, klipspringer, zebras to mention but are few. Enjoy the striking views of the savannah grasslands.

Evening drives

This drive starts after lunch. During this time, animals that like drinking water in the hot sun are usually seen in the Narus Valley. The valley has permanent water sources that sustain animals during the dry season. Look for giraffes, buffalos, rebucks, and various birds

Night drives

These take place at night after having supper with the help of the park guide you will be able to see quite a number of animals that are active at night such as hyenas, side striped jackals, cheetahs and wild dogs.

Nature walking

Here people walk around the national park on foot as they see and explore the various wild animals and birds in Kidepo Valley national park. This is done with the help of an experienced guide accompanied by an armed park ranger for safety purposes. There you get a chance to see animals like warthogs, buffalos, reedbucks, zebras and water bucks

Cultural visits

Include this activity on your to-do list while in Kidepo Valley National Park. Engage with the traditional Karamojong people by participating in various cultural activities like traditional folk dances and songs. Purchase their locally made items such as bead necklaces and stools, and join in their games, such as friendly wrestling.

Visit the welcoming Ik people on Mount Morungole and learn about their culture. Discover their unique traditions, such as paying dowry with goats and beehives instead of cattle. Enjoy an unforgettable cultural experience in Kidepo Valley National Park.

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