Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most famous savannah park in Uganda. The park is also popularly known for wildlife mostly the tree climbing lions and others like African bush elephants, African buffaloes, Nile crocodiles, African leopards, hippos, chimpanzees, warthogs among the rest making it the best destination for Uganda wildlife safari. Queen Elizabeth National Park has a great variety of habitants which include lakes, forests, wetlands, savannah grasslands serving as homes to the big five minus the Rhinos in the country.

queen elizabeth national park

Location of Queen Elizabeth National Park 

Queen Elizabeth is located in the western part of Uganda in between lakes gorge and Albert with the kazinga channel passing through the 700 square mile land area. Queen Elizabeth was named after the coming of the         Queen of England in 1954.

Wildlife species

The park is the most bio-diverse place in Uganda. It is blessed with over 618 bird species making it the 6th highest diversity in the world and highest in Africa hence the best birding safari destination.Queen Elizabeth has a variety of big games with approximately 5000 hippos, 10000 buffaloes and 2500 African elephants. It has the grassy kasenyi plains which is famous for the tree climbing lions in the ishasha sector. You can find the chimpanzees in the Kyambura Gorge. Other herbivores are the waterbuck, topi, sitatunga antelopes which live aro8und the wetland of Lake George, warthogs among the rest.

Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tree climbing lions in the ishasha sector. You can find these tree climbing lions up in the fig and acacia trees.

Maramagambo forest. The forest is good for birders who are interested in watching birds. It is a perfect place to spend almost a full day.

The kazinga channel.it is a natural water body which connects Lake Albert with Gorge.it is a blessed with large number of Nile crocodiles, hippos, elephants which you can see on the interesting kazinga Boat ride with much ease.

The kasenyi plains. You can visit these plains whilst on the Uganda wildlife safari. They are home to the famous tree climbing lions in the ishasha sector, antelopes, Uganda kob and other large predators.

The Katwe salt works. Salt mining has been carried out here for years since then the tourist come here to observe the rational methods of salt mining.

The Katwe explosion crater lakes. They are situated on the northern part on the highest elevation of the park. Travelers come here and experience the sighting of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges, western rift valley escarpments, lakes George and Edward.

Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kyambura gorge chimp trekking; Kyambura gorge cut a deep gorge into the Kichwamba Escarpment.it has two sides, a steep side for large herbivores to exploit.

Bird watching; queen Elizabeth National Park has over 600 bird species, without any doubt travelers refer to it as the best bird watching paradise in Africa. Uganda has more than 1000 bird species but almost half of them are found here.

Chimp tracking; chimpanzee tracking is the most interesting adventure in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is usually a full day activity since you can’t know where to locate the chimp family thus don’t know the specific time, once you find them you are allowed only one hour with the man’s closest living relative.

Boat cruise on kazinga channel; the boat cruise experience takes place twice a day on the kazinga channel which connects lakes George and Edward. It offers you an opportunity to have a clear view of the wildlife like the large schools of hippos, elephants, crocodiles, buffaloes, birds and much more.

Cultural tours; you can visit the traditional people carrying out salt mining from lake Katwe, home steads and also enjoy the interesting dance and music performances from Kikorongo equator Performers mines.

How to get to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park can be accessed by road and flight. It is situated about 389km from the capital Kampala. It is a 6hour 30 minutes’ drive via Masaka road and can be accessed through a chartered flight from kajjansi airstrip to the park.

Accommodation facilities in Queen Elizabeth national Park

Where to stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park depends on your desires and pockets. You can get accommodation facility of your choice in all the five main sectors the park which include the North east Escarpment, ishasha sector, Mweya Peninsula, Kyambura Gorge and the rift valley escarpment. The lodges in those sectors range from luxury, budget and mid-range. The lodges include elephant’s plain lodge, Kyambura gorge lodge –luxury, ishasha wilderness camp, Mweya safari lodge, katara lodge among the rest.

Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park

The drenching rainstorms mostly characterize the wet seasons of March to May and August to December. This period is when the park is lush and can see the migratory birds passing through giving you the best birding time. Though the best time to visit the park is in dry season in the months of January to February and June to September.

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