Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi is a great memorable safari destination for meditation and is situated in the south western part of Uganda mainly in Kabale district. Lake Bunyonyi was derived from the small birds which live with in this area and is the deepest lake in Uganda hence ranked among the best safari destinations in Uganda. The lake consists of the 29 dotted islands and each of the island has its own story to tell. You can visit Lake Bunyonyi if you are going for honeymoon and delight in a cool weather and the scenic beautiful islands since it is a quiet and safe place for travelers. Lake Bunyonyi has various things to enjoy while on your safari to Uganda and they include the following;

Canoe riding

Canoe riding takes you to Lake Bunyonyi to explore the dotted 29 islands. You can also explore the forests, watch birds and the quaint villages while on a canoe ride on Lake Bunyonyi. Canoe ride is carried out with the help of a guide who helps you to discover Uganda’s magical lake using an ancient dugout canoe. The dugout canoes are moved using a rowing stick or motor engines and you can rent them from individuals at the lake shores at a cost of 60,000 shillings. Canoeing is usually done during morning hours when the whole place is covered with mist which is good for those who love nature and adventure. Canoe ride is also carried out during night time so as to experience the cool night breeze plus sound from night birds, frogs and night crickets.

Bird watching

Lake Bunyonyi is the best safari destination to those who are bird lovers since the lake is a home to over 205 bird species which are recorded. You can sight both the resident and the migratory birds which came from Europe during harsh winters. Some of the bird species viewed in the lake include grey crowned cranes, slender-billed baglafetch, herons, levillant cuckoo, weaver birds, and egrets among others. You can do bird watching on one of the islands and spot various bird species and also move with a binocular for viewing distant bird species.

Nature walks and hikes

Nature walks and hiking is carried out on the 29 dotted islands and around the lake. While heading for a nature walk you have to be with a guide who takes you through the walking trails and not to get lost in the forest leading you to the major highlights of your walk. This scenic hiking also leads you to the small villages meeting different Ugandans.


Lake Bunyonyi is the best place to go swimming in order to relax your mind and rest after a tiresome gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga forest national park. Its waters are hippos, crocodiles and Bilharzia free making it safe for swimming. However you have to remember that Lake Bunyonyi is a bottomless lake so you have to swim with extra care and also take safety precautions like using a nearby canoe while putting on life jackets.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking takes place around the lake on a mountain bike. You can go biking the roads and trailing around the lake while feeling the authentic Africa in Uganda. Mountain biking can take a full day or just few hours depending on your travel itinerary. You can enjoy Africa’s pleasant temperature and weather due to its elevation during a bike ride.

Cray fish

Lake Bunyonyi is also known as the Cray fish lake since you can’t visit it and leave minus tasting the Cray fish. People who are not interested in Cray fish have other option of taking tilapia fish which is raised from the fish ponds in every lodge in Lake Bunyonyi. This Cray fish was introduced in Lake Bunyonyi by the then president of Uganda Iddi Amin Dada who got it from Kenya. These Cray fish have taken over Lake Bunyonyi plus the surrounding water bodies.

Where to stay in Lake Bunyonyi during a Uganda safari

Lake Bunyonyi has various accommodation facilities ranging from budget, mid-range and luxury. These facilities range from camping sites to hotels at affair and affordable price. All accommodation facilities can meet your personal needs and interest.

Therefore if planning a Uganda safari don’t hesitate to include lake Bunyonyi on your itinerary especially if you are a birder.

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