Welcome to UGANDA AFRICA SAFARI a tours and travel company based in Uganda. We are legalized and regulated by the government of Uganda and other tourism professional bodies. Our mission is to provide unforgettable travel experiences that inspire and excite. We specialize in travel experiences for discerning travelers who want to explore Uganda’s most awe-inspiring destinations. From adventurous national park tours to exclusive cultural tours, we offer unique and personalized budget-friendly and luxurious travel packages to destinations around Uganda such as Mt Rwenzori national park, Jinja Source of the Nile, Murchison falls National Park etc. Contact us today to start planning your next adventure!



Reputation: Our Company has a strong reputation for providing high-quality experiences and has received positive reviews from our clients

Expertise: We are proud to have a team of experienced travel advisors who are passionate about helping you create your dream vacation

Convenience: We handle all aspects of trip from booking flights and hotels to planning activities and tours so you don’t have to worry about details.

Personalization: Our Company offers customized travel packages to tailor to the client’s specific interests, preferences and most importantly their budget.

Value: Our Company offers competitive pricing and includes extra perks and benefits such as pick-ups and drop-offs for clients.

Safety: Our Company prioritizes safety and security of its clients and their property with measures such as full-time emergency support and experienced guides.

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